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India’s Oldest Elastic Cords Manufacturer
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Elastic Threads for Product Customization

We satisfy your elastic cord needs with utmost precision and offer customization beneficial for your business demands.
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Tailor-Made Bulk Order Fulfilment

We cater to bulk orders with equal care and deliver products in minimum time. Elastic threads are customized as per your business.
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Quick service for customer satisfaction

Our elastic threads and cords are designed keeping end-users in mind - manufacturers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Our Team

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S.V. Parikh Helping businesses since 1920

According to our concept, customer value is a complex and difficult-to-define concept. Based on the review on customer value literature, it has been reflected that the difficulty and the complexity of the customer value concept may be caused by the following aspects:

The nature: We understand that the complexity and the difficulty of customer value may stem from the characteristics or the nature of customer value is described as: idiosyncratic (subjective, personal preference), dynamic (changes over time), interactive (between subject and object), situational, and the experience of using or consuming a product.

The Dimensions and Types: We define three dimensions of customer value which describe the properties of customer value: 1) extrinsic versus intrinsic, 2) self-oriented versus otheroriented, 3) and active versus reactive. Based on these dimensions, we describe eight types of customer value: efficiency, excellence, status, esteem, play, aesthetics, ethics, and spirituality.

The level of abstraction: We believe that customer value involves both higher and lower level of abstraction. At a higher level of abstraction, customer value is all about customer perception, experience, or even customer personal values. At a lower level of abstraction, customer value is about the attributes or characteristics of products and services which we can supply to them.

The forms: According to our knowledge, customer value involves two basic forms: trade-off and non trade-off. Customer value can be described as a trade-off between benefits and sacrifices. Customer value can also be described in a non trade-off form, where customer value is the fulfilment of goals, needs, or wants through the consequences of using or consuming our products or services.

Team SVP thinks that customer value consists of product leadership, customer intimacy, and process excellence, where these elements, we would like to fulfill through our product, our service, and our customer relationship.

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Every product designed and manufactured goes through rigorous checking so that you achieve perfection with every product and satisfaction at every stage possible.
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We promise to deliver products that are a class apart. Along with thread-related products, we guarantee you an excellent service that makes you return to us again.
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Enhanced Technology

Keeping up with the fast technology age, our every product is engrained with modern tech and manufactured with the best machines available in the market.

World's Leading Elastic Cords Manufacturing Company.

Widest range of braided elastic cords for different industry requirements.

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Whatever your needs are, whether elastic cords, threads, or even strong bungee cords, we master it all.
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Though based in Surat, Gujarat, we are an international venture with a clientele outspread across the globe.
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Proficient Workforce

We have a hands-on experienced and skilled team with a collective experience of over 100 years.

Team S.V.Parikh - Legacy Creators

With more than 101 years of experience