Elastic Cord(Thread) For Multipurpose Use

garments elastic thread

Elastic Cord (Thread) for Garments

Order the supporting elastic cord (thread) for different uses in garment manufacturing
hosiery rubber thread

Elastic Cord (Thread) for Hosiery

Order the supporting elastic cord (thread)for different uses in hosiery clothers manufacturing
raincoat elastic

Elastic cord (Thread) for Raincoat

Order the supporting elastic cord (thread) for raincoat manufacturing for better grip
bedsheet rubber

Elastic Cord(Thread) for Bedsheet

Use our specialised rubber cord (thread) for bedsheet to hold it tight on bed
hairband rubber

Elastic Cord(Thread) for Hairband

Different colour and size available for trendy and fashionable hairbands
sofa set rubber thread

Elastic Cord(Thread) for Sofa sets

Top-quality rubber cord(thread) with strength, used in the manufacturing of sofa sets.